April 26, 2019

You can donate and support our network, which you of course is rewarded for!

We have multiple rewards for our donators!

1. Choose which reward you would like such as Ranks or Keys.

2. Select which tier of reward you would like (they have different minimum donations).

3. Enter the amount you would like to donate for specified item(s), it has to be the same or exceed minimum donation.

4. Check out!


The following rules are generally applied to most cases on our server network.


The terms and conditions that apply when donating are as follows!

Abuse of any powers given as a donation reward will be dealt with according to our policies of moderation, or as we see fit.

The consequences for any such actions (breaking the TOS/rules on our network) will usually either result in a ban, demote or mute.


A mute means that a player is still able to connect, play and enjoy the whole network as well as any potential donation rewards without the ability to speak and use the chat to communicate with other players. This is usually due to severe harassing by *said* player.


The demote is a tool we rarely ever use to moderate our servers, what it means is that any powers given by a donation will be removed or downgraded to restrict possible harm, etc, caused by *said* player.


A ban is used when said player usually has broken our rules multiple times (usually three) without any clear indication of any change in behavior. This action completely restricts a players ability to play on our network however it usually spares the players donation rewards if they were to be unbanned in the future. Unbans can be acquired through the donation store as a second chance and donation reward.

Special Cases

If somebody is deemed such a hassle to other players and our moderation team that they can no longer be on the server at all they will be added to our blacklist. Players who are put on our blacklist will never be able to play on our network again, consider any donation rewards lost and play access disabled forever.